Who is JMD? and What is JM Designs

I’m Jatin Mehra, the Owner/Graphic Designer/Artist at “JM Designs”. The full name of my artist name is “Jatin Mehra Designs”. I got introduced to this Designing World in 2012, when I completed my School. After knowing a bit about all designs and graphics stuff, I became curious to know about all the things related to graphics. So I began reading articles on Graphics and also started finding some Awesome and Famous Graphic Artists. Then I got to know about some Amazing Artists, who inspired me a lot in starting a career as a Graphic Designer.

I began my life in Graphics in mid 2012, and inspired myself with the Designs of other Artists/Designers. Then in the Last month of 2012 i.e. on 12th December 2012, I started my work under the Artist Name “JM Designs”. It was a very Slow beginning as I was Learning and knew very Little about ‘How to work and make Designs?’, but still somehow I started and got appreciated for my work. A few months after I started “JM Designs” my work was appreciated by people. Now I work continuously as Graphic Designer with the Artist Name “JM Designs”. You can also call me JMD, usually my friends call me with this name. [J.M.D.]

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